Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GO! Giveaways

Because of of the Fal into Fall Giveaway, I met so many new people and have run across some more GO! GO!, GO! Giveaway opportunities.   If you are looking for my Fall into Fall giveaway,  go here  or to go the big list of giveaways click the scarecrow on my sideboard. you have until oct 15. Keep reading if you are trying to win  GO! cutter.................

Thought I'd share. First up Gene Black,  Gene who is celebrating a birthday gets a GO!den opportunity to give away the GO! cutter and 3 dies from  those wonderful people at accuquilt.  Gene's drawing ends midnight October 15, not sure if that's EST or CST, GO!enter early and don't be late!

Then I found this new site called Alderwood Quilts by Sue and her husband, go here:
and they are giving people even more chances to win the GO! cutter and 3 dies from the ACCUQUILT people. Sue's contest ends November 1st. hurry and GO! over ther too!

sorry, the message about a possible future giveaway that was in this spot was only about the GO baby announcement not a GO! giveaway.  SORRY!

If  you know of any GO! giveaways let me know, I'll add them to list.

I need one for all these Mystery Monday hexagons like the latest

pear in a partridge tree!
and it would be soooooo handy for all those other fussy cut quilts!
so GO! to Accuquilt and order one or make a wishlist like I did at Accuquilt then start hopping around entering contests!


  1. OK - You are quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs! Thanks for being so much fun to read!

  2. Thanks for the weekly ornaments - you are so clever and artistic.

  3. Thank you for the info. I know I am just one of many that love to have the chance to win.

  4. I just wanted to let you know I found you in the fall into fall giveaway and now you are one of my favorite blogs. Thanks for sharing in your blog. I am really enjoying it.
    Finally a beautiful day here.Cool and no rain. I have some trees that turned colorful early and I am getting inspired by all the beautiful colors.

  5. I don't think Pat is having a give-away of the GO as she has already done this a couple months ago. The comment about the big announcement that she left on Gene's blog was about the arrival of the GO Baby on Friday.


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