Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mystery HOW #12

I'm changing it up just a bit this week, I took 3 hexagons embroidered snowflakes on them, added beads and made a 3-D ornament.  Also used pale blue taffeta instead of cotton but is still assembled like before with the stiff interfacing inside.  Take two, sew three together back to back, sewing three sides before joining next one and three sides, finishing joining the newest addition with the first on the remaining last three sides.  I also added beads down the edges, and a bead tassel to the bottom.

side A

side B
side C

side c

An end view of the 3-D of the ornament.  It is 3 sided.  The beads make it appear it is 4 sided, but is only 3.

And for those who only hop by here on Mondays,  be
sure to hop back a couple of posts for the hexoweenie ornaments.
enjoy, be back soon!


  1. Thanks so much for the Christmas hexie ornament tute. That is so pretty. Can't do them this year, but already on the list for next year. Do you think velvet would work too? Thanks again.

  2. Was für ein tolles besticktes Hexa.

    Leider zeigt der Link zur Pdf einen Error an heul.

    Liebe Grüss Gaby

  3. I tried your link but it won't open for me = (


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