Monday, October 4, 2010

M-M #9 & A Winner Update

update: forgot to draw for the HOW Ornaments and Frosty Flakes blocks yesterday!!
it was posted way back in August on my 100th post and didn't close until the weekend after Dawn Hay finished her Frosty Flakes posts.......which was Wednesday I think.  See what you miss out on if you only LOOK at pictures ..just did the random number generator and guess who won.............
this is what she won........

the stuff from my former header (I took it down last night and am going to find somethine new, so the licorice twist quilt will fill in till then) plus I am including some suprises for her...

Woohoo my Sweet Paulette, will email you shortly, Congratulations! sorry I couldn't give everybody something. I have such great followers and get such nice comments!!
NOW, FIRST, If you're looking for the Fall into Fall giveaway click next link and go here....
Oh my gosh I got so many wonderful emails, sometimes I cannot keep up , I still have about 40+ to answer and more keep popping in there.  Still having the problem with no-reply bloggers and "anonymous" people. 
 On another note,  here is the reworked grey tabby "Pudgie" fat cat pattern PDF link.

If you're not here for Fall into Fall, then you must be here for MYSTERY MONDAY HOW #9,  My oldest granddaughter and I were picking up the remnants late yesterday afternoon of her paper "free for all" from Sunday morning grrrrr, when I decided what I wanted to draw for this week even though I had some extras from last week...will save those for later.  So I got the paper and pencil box/crayon box and drew a picture, one with a little twist of words that made her laugh!
And after I stitched it decided it wasn't quite right.........and  since the crayons were sitting there anyway, decided to add a little color to the center, then I got carried away and did more.  My suggestion to you is, if you decide to crayon yours.......DO it before you stitch!!
so here you go.....
a pear in a partridge tree!!! hee hee hee!

Now I didn't start on this till late afternoon, and then I had to go make more soup because it definitely was a soup weekend, Saturday was taco, yesterday was potato and now we have enough for several more meals. We freeze taco, not the potato.  I regress, anyway I was stitching, re-assessing and then adding color and answering the 200+ emails (yikes!!) and even though I was up till 3am talking to a lady in France about the language barrier we had. (  She had used this foreign word in her message and I told her I wasn't familiar with it, laughing the whole time (the word was "housework")  hahahahaha!! )
anyway, due to this and that I didn't get the next one completed , but it is far enough along for you to use your imagination on the finished product... 
and to go with the pear in a partridge tree,
a little wren and holly

here's both

here's what pattern will look like, but the pdf is sideways (11 x 8.5 insead of portrait at 8.5 x 11),.  It will print okay. The link to google docs is below it

Okay, I think this is not one of my best days.  Am behind at finishing ornament today, and posting, then realized I left pdf at home for pattern and only had .jpg to add here, so, had to mail it and wait for return via other daughter who says she can convert jpg to PDF but says she was busy so it took a little while and while I was waiting........ on top of that................
horrors of horrors,
a cutie pie named Janet, one of my formerly "no reply" bloggers from Friday just emailed me about the ornament drawing, I said "Holy Carp, Batman, I completely forgot to do that yesterday!   So now all you ornament entrants from the last few weeks are going to have to wait until I get home from work!!!  But Thank YOU, Janet for reminding me...!!!
SORRY you guys, is Mystery Monday, why not make it more of a mystery, like where I left my brain??.....drawing for that this evening... sorry no new entrants for that giveaway, unfair to others who got in on time!
But there's still the Fall into Fall giveaway, if you haven't done that yet. 
Will be talking to some of you at lunch or this evening when I get around to answering emails again.
So what's up with you, hopefully nice weather at least, nice cool, crisp autumn and spring days, depending on where you are??


  1. ROTFL your posts are a hoot - you have so much on the go and so much you want to do that your mind is racing in 85 directions at once, and if you're like me your fingers are typing as fast as your mind is running along!

    HOW #9 has been downloaded and added to my collection - KML @ a pear in a partridge tree - so twisted - I LOVE IT!

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for making me smile, Cyndi :)

  2. You are so busy with stitching, blogging, giveaways and do you find time to work?

  3. I am one of those with a blog who never did anything with it! I am afraid I could never be as interesting as blogs like yours! Thank you - love both ornament downloads and the humor!

  4. Wow, the Partridge in a Pear Tree is terrific! Given all that you had on your plate, it's amazing you got anything done at all!

    Soup weekend here, too, and I'm in Southern California!


  5. Such a fun read - you are doing so much - there was a couple of times I wanted tosay "Stop - BREATHE"..... phew....
    PS - I don't understand 'housework' either..

  6. I love the partridge tree!!!..and the wren too :)
    ps ~ I too don't understand housework ;)

  7. Cyndi,
    thanks for letting me know I now should be correct with an email reply.
    I am still so new to all this blogging. I love the pear in a partridge tree and thanks for the link to the grey tabbie fat cat pattern. The weather here yesterday was a beautiful spring day today still warm but overcast. I am going up to Kinglake were the fires were in 2009 in Victoria Australia. The trees look weird and I will post on my blog when I have gotten back.
    Thanks once again.

  8. I always love the mystery monday. You never fail to amaze me! Thanks again - love the design. What a time you have had! LOL Soup days here in Mich. I really enjoy your blog.

  9. Hi Cyndi, I love that I am not the only one going mock 9 with my hair on fire!! I too love the pear in a partridge tree! Take care...good luck finding your brain...mine is still MIA!!!

  10. The stitcheries are lovely! thank you. Don't worry about forgetting stuff, you aren't letting us down, we visit you because we like your blog!

  11. The stitcheries are lovely! thank you. Don't worry about forgetting stuff, you aren't letting us down, we visit you because we like your blog!

  12. I've been waiting and waiting to find out who won (and hoping it was me) and didn't realize you had updated your post!

    Congratulations to Paulette! I'm envious - guess I'll be making my own!

    Cyndi, thanks for the fun patterns and giveaways!


  13. More cute ornaments. Thanks!
    Congrats to Paulette. I know she is going to enjoy all those ornaments you made.


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