Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bees a buzzin' around the mystery stitch

For those of you wanting the alternate center here is a scanned copy of my work and a drawing.  Click on  the words under the drawing to get the link to google docs for download. 
Did you guys check out the back side of my redwork mystery stitch yesterday?  Not too bad, not quite up to great-grandma's standards, but not bad.
For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the vast array of stitches out there check Mary Corbet's Needlework n Thread site.  It is filled with oodles and boodles of anything that has to do with all things about embroidery.  A master stitcher she provides drawings and videos, pictures of lots of stitches, and  free patterns too.  Anytime you need an embroidery question answered, start there.  Don't be confused by the ads etc all over her site, just scroll around, down the sides and the bottom for the goodies.  The SEARCH box is all the way at the bottom in the red footer.  here are sone links

Mary Corbet's video tutorial on french knots, a pistol stitch is just an elongated french knot.

Mary Corbet's fern stitch tutorial video, how to do the center portion of the leaf.  Note, my stitches are long and could be snagged you may want to do outline for all???

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  1. I just love that design and those colors are fabulous!


    Cyndi (OH)


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