Thursday, June 10, 2010

more quilt show part 3

The first part of today's selections are SOLDIER quilts

The first one up is a "Home of the Brave" quilt.  A specifically designed quilt from a pattern from the civil war, given with honor to the families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The X centers have a small piece of muslin, that people sign or leave messages.  My mom made 2 and I made one, unfortunately more still need to be made.  The reprensentative for the Missouri division is in my mom's quilt guild in Jefferson City.   Have you made one of these? They're being donated all over the country.  Someone in your state is
charge of donations, go check out home of the brave quilts online.  Maybe you'd like to make one.

I should have read the card on this one below, sorry, but I forgot.   I was fascinated by the quilt cut from someone's fatigueswith pockets and flaps included .

Tthe ones below are VA quilts, mom's quilt guild, MRQG has agreed to donate 50 quilts to the VA hosptial in Columbia, MO.  They had 25 at the quilt show.  I thought I had pictures of both sides of stairs with all the quilts but I missed one side,  sorry!

quilts below are just more of the show.........................

the first one is made of breast cancer fabrics

raffle >>a small quilt by my mom, isn't it cute!

enough for today, save some for tomorrow..........................need to go see if I can get a store set up here sometime in the near future!!!

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