Wednesday, June 9, 2010

need MORE INFO ABOUT selling e patterns

Please..............Crafters if you sell e patterns from your blog and want to share your experiences email me, My head is spinning with etsy, e-junkie, artfire, pattern marts, linklocs, dl guard,  trialpay, google check out, paypal, more more more.  I would like to talk to someone who does this regularly and their trials and tribulations!!  I want to be be able to sell them instantly, not sending emails with pdf's attached.  I do not have 24/7 net access.  Some of my patterns might be quite large, I may have to break them down into parts a & b or something in order to have them down loadable, not sure yet. Am beginning the scanning process tonight, next ...........deciding which document host to use, one with expiring secure downloads.


  1. More beautiful quilts. I really like the green one.
    Sorry I can't help you with selling your patterns.

  2. No help with the patterns but I would be interested to know what you decide to use. I think it would be great if a customer could instantly download a pattern instead of waiting for it to be sent to them in an email.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just to let you know I did a swap for I Spy squares with the gals on The I-Spy quilts were some probably the most fun I've had piecing a quilt and the fastest. The people there may be able to answer your questions about the patterns too. They are a great group.

    Oh and I just love your blog's name, Stitch, Stitch Stitch!!! That's how I feel sometimes!
    Linda from


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