Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snow in the heat of June

I'm tired of being hot and it's only June so, let's look at some cold snowy things.  This is a picture of an embroidered/stitched snow snowman throw/quilt I made for my SIL Claudia, started in Dec 06, finished in late May or early June 07.  Note: I am more of a stitcher and piecer than "quilter", so it is tied.  It has 11 snowman patterns from various designers that I have collected over the years that were snow related, and 5 from her very favorite artists.  Details about those below..........

Below is a tiny glimpse of the label on the back.  Sorry, I did not get a closer one.  The pictures were taken at a quilt show by the way.  Had my mom not entered the quilt in March for that June Quilt show in 2007, Claudia still be waiting for a finished product.  The deadline made me finish it.  For some reason self imposed deadlines don't really seem to work for me I need a deadline with possible penalites if not met, watched over from the quilt enforcement squad. (quilt police)

Here are her favorite artist's blocks........................drawn by

Lilly, her first granduaghter, age 5

Daisy her 2nd DGD, age 2 1/2?

makenna, my first grandaughter, age 5. 
Oh and by way, me, my mom and Claudia all thought these were tall snow people, WRONG!!!!......According to Makenna they are snowmen on two mountains................if only we knew what goes on in the minds of kids! lol!

Haylee,  my sister's oldest daughter, age 7

and Kelsie, my sister's DD#2, age 5

They drew such cute pictures and Claudia had no idea that her grandaughters, nieces and great niece had secretly drawn pictures for her, or that stitching them was it was in the works. When she got the blocks(yea, blocks) and fabric for Christmas and was thrilled to pieces.  I got them back assembled them into a quilt with wonky star block frames and tied it.  The patterns of the embroidered blocks ended up being all different sizes.  I didn't really think about that when I started stitching.  Thought they were about the same ............NOooooooo!! (OH yes, another one of my happy ending quiilting mishap adventures) Discovered the size difference after most were embroidered.  But I managed to get them squared up to 3 different sizes and with some clever cutting, added block frames to get them back to one size.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  I have more happy ending quilt mishap adventures, but they will be for another day.  B-) DID  ANYBODY NOTICE ..... my sister, me and my SIL all have a daughter/granddaughters that are months apart? depending on what time of year is they're  all the same age. 

Below is the top of a wool pillow top before my mom made into a pillow and gave it to me for Christmas one year. I love it!  Thank you mom!

And in case you haven't cooled off enough, here are some of the ice storm pictures from winter before last I think.????

Correction, was Jan 2007.  That pile center left, is/was my neighbors' large pine

Found this one of ice skaters, DGD Makenna and ger friend Gracie, Makenna is on the left, it was her second time at the ice arena, Gracie's first. not bad.  Only took them a few times around with me to get them to release their death grip hold on the handrail lol!! 

Oh, here's another winter thing I found searching through my pictures.  A snowy table runner I made my secret santa sister quiltin chick, Carol.   We had to provide our sister with a swap bag of fabrics, several patterns and a list of idea's of what we would like.  We could use these or do something else you thought they would like.  I chose this using her fabrics and one of the patterns in one of her books.  I thought about making myself one and went out and bought some of the snowy center. It may even happen..........someday, lol!!

Am wishing I was in Australia about now, waaaaaayy cooler there. But no, I am melting in Missouri. Hope you are cool where you are this weekend.  Cyndi


  1. Love everything- the snowman quilt, the pillow and the lovely snowmen made by the little ones in your family!! I would keep that quilt forever!! Well done!

  2. LOL - I have a snowman pattern in my hand that I just printed off and had decided to stitch in blue tonight, then saw your update on my dashboard! Thanks for in great inspiration - love your snowman quilt.

  3. 95 degrees here today - all snowmen very welcome!

  4. Ooh Cyndi - do you fancy a trip over to Melbourne? I'll have your hot water bottle at the ready! LOL

    Another thing we have in common... self imposed deadlines! Ha! I like my deadlines being set for me by other people - they're the ones that WORK! :-P (And they are usually left to the last minute for that extra boost of adrenaline that I seem to work so well with and yet wish I didn't!)

    I LOVE the quilt you made sweetie - adorable with those special stitcheries!

    Hugs from a very chilly Melbourne!

    Vikki xoxoxo

  5. Love the children's snowman drawings! One of Ty's kindergarten teachers was moving on to a new school, so she was getting quilt. Ty drew me a picture and I embroidered the picture and turned it into a quilt block! (It was one of the people that had arms and legs sticking out of its head! Love those people!)

  6. When my kids were younger I always dreamed about using their artwork for a project and making something really special like you have done (but never did) ... I wasn't really into quilting so much then. I'm now waiting for grandchildren so I can do something. What a great idea and a lovely quilt!!


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