Wednesday, June 9, 2010

more quilt show

here are some more, will post more tomorrow!

NEWS: I've been playing along on The quilt shoppe's blog "In Stitches" Spring Fever Blog BINGO (I have 12 words so far) and today they put MY blog on their "places to visit" list yea!!!  I'm listed as Jan's Elves, which is okay with me!!! the link gets people here...Thanks, In Stitches If you're one of my followers go check them out, lots of stuff to see and places to go!
after you look at the quilt show quilts click here >>>In stitches link


  1. Wow- some gorgeous quilts!! What inspiration!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the 2nd from the last, the Green blocks.. and its really very simple piecing.. i will HAVE to make a version of that! Claire

  3. Hello, I enjoyed looking through your blog on coming over to visit from the Spring Fever Bingo!!!

    I was taken with the mystery stitchery you have going.

    I'm away from home, due to my daughter having to have an operation, and we need to stay near the hospital for two weeks in case of complications.

    We're staying with friends so could use their computer to catch up on my Bingo Words and thus found your blog.

    Once I'm home I'll come back to your blog, and catch up with the mystery stitching project you have.



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