Wednesday, August 18, 2010

another contest, another quilt


Quilting bloggers is having another weekly theme contest "FLOWERS" and this is the quilt I entered.  I made it in anticipation of my first grandchild.  Sure glad she was a!! I finished hemming it while daughter was in labor.  (in all honesty I was also working on one for a boy with appliqued airplanes out of most of the same fabrics as this one ( less the pink and purple.)  Caught a lucky breaking getting a granddaughter first( you know it didn't even dawn on me till she was about 8 months along that it could be a boy somehow I just knew but why tempt fate,,,,,,,,that's when I started the airplanes.  :))  It would not have been ready in time for hospital pictures.  and to this day is stilll an incomplete UFO even though I have a grandson, he has his own quilt (see Pennies for Rylee) ( or at least he used to have it until his mothers ex threw it away. ggrrrrrr!!!)  Below is a picture of Makenna this evening holding her baby quilt so you can see the label, the ink (micro pens) has faded to the point you can barely read it. Today age 9, she began her first day of fourth grade. 


here is rylee's
called "Pennies for Rylee" You can't see much of it but it is hanging on the coolest antique wicker(?) stroller that is here in a local antique shoppe.  It is soo cool, but I was tryong to feature my quilt not the stroller.

any way if you want to vote for Makenna's quilt called "

Thanks and if you voted for Claudia' s quilt last week a special Thank you!!!!!

 and one last goofy pic

This is my granddaughter, Camryn (age 3 almost 4)  Makenna's little sister asleep on the recliner cuddling her pile of adopted fabric scraps that she folds and refolds carefully.  I won them from Cyndi  bluebirdswing and she claimed about half them.  This has been going on ever since we opened the box of goodies.  Aren't kids fuuny, maybe she has the fabric bug since none of my girls did!!!


  1. Love your quilt. It is so bright and cheerful. The picture of your Camryn with her fabric is so adorable and your comment that she folds and refolds her fabric delighted me. Thanks for sharing. Nola

  2. Flowers for McKenna is beautiful. And I love Pennies for Rylie. Too bad it is gone. Grandkids are lots of fun aren't they. Looks like you might have a quilter there.

  3. Your quilts are nice, will cast my vote in a bit. The picture of Camryn is priceless. She has started to fondle fabric at an early age, there may be hope for a quilter in your future.

  4. Both Makenna's and Rylee's quilts are wonderful, Cyndi! What a shame that woman threw Rylee's away...why would any one do that? Anyway, I'm going over to vote for your quilt!!!!

    I just love that pic of Camryn with her pile of my former stash fabrics. How sweet is that? At least she has good taste! LOL!!! And a future quilter, for sure!




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