Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paulette's got a GO! to giveaway

You need to hop over to Paulette's Sweet Pea Creations.  If you have one or even if you don't you need to check out her GO! tutorial, look what she did in no time! It is a great informative and picture filled tutorial.  .  Things I never knew you could do with the AccuQuilt GO! cutter, FANTASTIC!!.  I you don't have one you go to Paulette's for a chance to have your own GO! cutter.   I want one, don't you???.  Am adding all my change to a jar until I get one, loose 1's and silver change adds up fast!!!!!.  Chances are slim that I'll win one.........but somebody's got to win.  Look all the the goodies you can also buy.............and there's even more, MORE DIES MORE PATTERNS, MORE MORE MORE.  Go and check things out at AccuQuilt
later come back am going to post a tutorial about making you own twisted cord
Thank you Accu Quilt for such a GREAT PRODUCT and a chances to win one!!!!!

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