Monday, August 23, 2010

more on twisted cord

Yesterday as I was trying to get the tutorial on how to make twisted cord ready, I kept thinking I was missing something ........... it was something you could do with your twisted cord besides drawstrings and ornament hangers................It wasn't until Claire commented that she still had hers on her scissors that I realized what it was that I forgot.    a scissors fob of sorts.  now keep in mid this is floss and will not last forever but for awhile it lasts makes a cute cord for your scissors

Either add some beads to the end to be knotted or sew it inside a cute pincushion. The felt flower below is ugly not cute  I know.  But I did not have to get up to get anything to make it , it was in reach and it served my purpose for the meeting demo.  I forgot to insert the knot end inside my last seam so I quickly added an ugly flower to boot to cover the knot.   This pincushion is called a Biscornu. a multi sided pincushon .

( That night I also taught them how to make a BISCORNU pincushion.)
more on those at bottom of post, and for those who love counted cross stitch and have never seen or heard of one .............oh my are you in for a treat...............check the links I found below or it,  the images and patterns are phenomenol -spelled wrong)  

You can add your twisted cord practice cord it to your little scissors that always seem to fall off the tabl.e off the couch, in the car, in your tote bag, etc.  See below ro see out easy it is!

to start pull cord through the handle then stick your finger in the loop opposite from knot, 
open up the folded center.

put the loop over the scssors

work it all the way down the scissors and then..........
just carefully slide all the way onto the scissors.

pull it tight

TAH DA!!!!  twisted cord scissor fob. now go make yours!

.Hope you enjoyed my quickie tutorials on making cords.
  For biscornu pincushions, the biscornu tutorial I found was on a blog from rissa's pieces and that this was where I got this link :

Also at the site below, she has patterns, some free cross stitch ones for biscornu,
some inexpensive, large collection.   
and there are a lot more places if you are truly interested. just type
"biscornu patterns" in the search area of google, bing, etc.

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