Saturday, August 28, 2010

blog buttons

The monday mystery button was my third try at trying to create my blog button for people to grab and added it to my sidebar, will it work? We'll find out!

Third time I took this photo above and added the words.  That was the hard part getting them easy enough see picture and be able to read words.

It was kind of hard. Editing the "grab the button html "code I found from various generous bloggers who posted about how to add a button was actually the easiest part. Creating the button and getting the words and picture on the button big enough to see and yet have the button small was kind of tricky. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.................. if you want it and it doesn't work right, let me know. Have a good one, I "have"(lol) to go stitch.

new note, We've been practicing making blog buttons for Cyndi N ..........right at moment, it's only a link back to her page. by tomorrow a new blog button for her., hopefully!?

she's chose this but we, (I) had issues with a
black background showing up,
see below 

 so we tried to modify it to this.....

Only in a hurry to get it back to her, I forgot to add white to the fill of the outside frame and it was set to "no fill so 
 we got this...................
She's going to use it for now, Sorry Cyndi,  we can try again whenever you want.  At least you and I both learned some new computer skills!!


  1. I grabbed it and it works! Yay! Now maybe you can help me make one...I'm computer stupid, you know! <|:o)



  2. You should not talk of others typing until you proof your own!

  3. I aiways make fun of my typing, I am terrible at it.......... cyndi

  4. Annonymous " Cyndi and I are cool"...we understand each other and Cyndi for sure wasn't meaning my mistakes... he he.... I didn't even think about mine LOl..
    blogging is fun and we aim to kep it this way...
    Hugs Dawn x x x


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