Sunday, August 22, 2010

more sewing

We did NO canning on Saturday, yea!!! First time in about 3 weeks, but back at it today. 
This is the back for a special baby quilt I'm working on for my daugters' friend.  It's very large as far as baby quilts go, but I like big baby quilts.  This one will end up 55x55.  I guess it now it will be considered a two sided quilt.  Hope the expectant mom likes it!!

Below is the front that I showed in process the other day.  I was oirginally thinkg about making 16 blocks, until I started thinking that would be just too large. so 9 it is.

Below is my fist try, but it has several problems,  I fixed 2 of the 3.  I thought the weight of the dark frame was too much, too dark and

the lack of my sewing today caused this................
Usually a beginners mistake. Now, I know better than to just sew borders on without measuring, but arrogance made me think I could. So I got waves of borders. They would have never ever laid flat.  They had to be removed.  ALWAYS measure across the middle for each border!

Here's cami (GD#3) she's been "helping" me sew, sitting on my lap while I sew, guiding the fabric.  Then she's also been sorting and the resorting her stack of fabrics.  She's also been picking up every scrap bigger than an inch to keep as her "carbidy"(?) (it's some word she made up) Not quite what it even means but she "pays" for fabric with it, but on the other hand, I had to help her make a carbidy list (which amounted to a grocery list of food)  we aslo read some of my favorite books by Dr Suess, easiest one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

back to sewing..................

 I cut the borders, made the dark brown one skinnier. Originally I thought I should have removed it too, (I thought it was too dark) but now that it is skinnier it's not too bad.  Here's a photo of them together..

and if course someone else had to get her nose in front of the camera again.

 complete with the family dimples!
Hammy Cami!

This morning I am working on HOW ornaments and more Frosty Flakes and then there's this,,,,,,,,

It was delivered the other day.  It is filled with freshly washed Crown Royal Bags..............and no I did not drink any of it, I don't think the person who sent them did either.  She happens to own a bar,  is getting married and wants a King size quilt made fom these.  So I pulled up EQ and gave her several ideas aong with fabric yardages.   I sent her about 20 here are a few.

 Not sure which she picked or what fabric she has chosen...... will be a surprise in the mean time, lots of unsewing.
I cut up one to see what I would get, about 120 more to go.  The first quilt she wanted took about 360, yikes,  glad she did not have enough bags!!!!

but this wll get me through anything....

I'm going to go get one and do some small things and not think about this huge purple thing until later!
Enjoy your day and come back tomorrow for Monday Mystery HOW!


  1. the baby quilt looks great! The nice thing about a bigger one is they can use it longer! Have fun with those Crown Royal bags! I can't wait to see the quilt you make with them!

  2. Cyndi, you may need some Crown Royal before you get finished with this project. Best of luck. BTW I like your baby quilt. To me a larger one is better because the baby out grows those 36 x 45 ones to soon.

  3. What a major project - good luck with it!

  4. i LOVE this quilt! so modern and cute, did you just cut randomly to put these blocks together? Claire


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