Sunday, August 8, 2010


Some place called Twinsburg is having a twins celebration this weekend. Are you a twin,  do you have twins or do you have twins in your family? Got any funny "twincedents" to share?
I have a set of fraternal girls who are older than they'd like to be but still under 30. I was always amazed at the things people would say to us. When they were small, less than a year they only had peach fuzz for hair and people said, "Oh they look just alike, " I let that slide since they were little and hairless, but obviously they never really LOOKED at them.......Elizabeth's face was as round as round could be and Sarah's face was long and slender.  Then their hair finally grew and here we go again, " Oh they look so alike how do you tell them apart?..............are you kidding me??? is a brunette and one is blonde!  
And then there were the people who knew we had twins but didn't know which kids they were........we have  4 kids all relatively the same age, Amanda was 3 years and 2 months when the girls were born and David was 11 1/2 months old when they were born ( no jokes, please, I've heard them all, half of them from my OB) accidents happen). ( For 2 weeks every year I have 3 the same age) Anyway as the kids grew people would look at the kids and just begin pairing them up in odd sets.......when Amanda was 6 she was short (still is) and dave was tall so they'd assume they were the  twins. Then later as Amanda "developed" it became obviously that she and Dave were not the same age.  So then the would choose David and Sarah, the tall blonde ones.  Dave hated that!!  When he was in 8th grade he told his English teacher who was brand new to the community that those girls in her 7th grade class were his cousins.............she was quite suprised when I wanted to talk to her about the girls at the parent/ teachers conference.   Now that they are older my blonde twin is no longer blonde.  Sarah's hair has turned brown over the years but with the hair dye it has been several shades of darker blondes, browns, auburns and reds???  So my twin stories don't center around them fooling us, just fooling others, in an odd sort of way.  
Here's a picture of them at Sarah's graduation from college l-r, Kylie (GD#3),  Elizabeth (D#2-four minutes older than Sarah), Sarah (D#3) and Amanda (D#1)
happy twins weekend girls!
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  1. people are so weird...why try to pair them up at all? lol

    I had my last son when I was 40 (talk about accidents happening) and everyone assumed I was his grandma..even the kids in his school class!! lol Or they thought my daughter (17 at the time) was his mother and we were just passing him off at

    PS...I heard from Jane...thanks

  2. I've heard of that Twinsburg twins celebration before. My neighbor across the street has an identical twin that lives two streets over from us. They have been many times and have told me some "weird" stories about it!

    I agree with Nancy...why try to pair them at all. Even though people can be twins, they are still individuals. So here's to celebrating individuality! And all three of your girls - and Kylie, too - are beautiful! :o)


    (your "twin") LOL!!!

  3. Beautiful girls. But I don't know how anyone could pick out Sarah and Elizabeth as twins!

    I have three daughters, about 2 1/2 years between each of them and they look a lot like each other.

  4. Hi Cyndi,
    People can be funny, but I would never have picked Elizabeth and Sarah as twins :) for accidents, I prefer serendipitous as we only planned our middle son, so he and his brother have a nice gap, our youngest came along 19 years after the middle one LOL
    Hugs, Sharon

  5. Your girls are all gorgeous, Cyndi! No doubt, just like their mum! :-)

    Hugs!!! Vikki xoxo :-)

  6. Cyndi, I had no idea that you have twin daughters. All the females in the picture are beautiful!
    I have twin great-nieces that are nine months old. I got to see these dolls at a family reunion this past Sunday. The parents keep toenails painted on one girl because they are IDENTICAL! They have two brothers, four and seven.

  7. Wow I didnt know I was so talked about on your blog!!! Since I went a voted for your quilt I figured I would check out your blog. It took a little to figure out the GD#3 and D#2 but I get it now. My only question is... shouldn't Kylie be GD#4?? Haha just keeping you on your toes. Your favorite daughter Elizabeth

  8. Ok so after thinking about what wrote earlier.....I guess mom was right Kylie is granddaughter #3 but she is grandchild #4. This numbering system is making me think too much! read ya later!!


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