Monday, August 9, 2010

mystery monday HOW


what did you say??

Week after week, blog after blog, I keep running across hexies, all sizes, all sorts, layered ones, embroidered, stamped, spangled, buttoned and glitzed.......... Now I made some one inch ones out of scraps from Bethies puprle quilt years ago intending to make a special little quilt.  Because after making several decided a big quilt was out of the there's about 25 tiny hexie flowers somewhere in my stuff, I gave a few to my aunt who was fascinated that I would do them that small.......

Then comes along Dawn Hay from As Sweet As Cinnamon , one of the Among the Gum Trees designers from down under who posted her new FROSTY FLAKES BOW last week (see my version on one of my  previous posts and her button for frosty flakes on my side bar for link) Anyway, I was hooked again with those little one inch hexies............!!! 
So I was sitting here this morning(writing part of this on Sunday) thinking about my monday mystery project when it hit me....................hexie the monday mystery project will be hexie ornaments!  Each week, for awhile, or as long as I can think of new designs, there will be a hexie ornament on the monday mystery project.  They will only be available for a short while so if you want them, download them now.  No telling when they will disappear.

Here are the first..........2 sizes, similiar designs.
click on the words under the picture for a free pdf from google docs.

So if you want to stitch up some hexie ornaments you will need to gather some fabrics, buttons, stiff interfacing, felt and floss.  Then click on the words under the picture above for a link to google docs for a free pdf to download for directions to the hexie ornaments for this week. 

1 - A
1- B
 and the backs.................

The Red is a pat sloan fabric.  The stitchery on the back of the brown one is just eyeballed with the hex points, I did not transfer it.

And look at the mess I make when I start creating, I just gather up some things. plop down on the floor and began playing, do you make this much mess?

Seems like lots of mess for two little ornaments!
Hope you are a neater designer than I am!!! lol!!
Have fun, email me if you have any questions...MAKE sure you have an email to reply back to!!!
also this is post 98 so my 100th post will be coming up........follow along for another giveaway....

One my quiltin' chick friends, Claire, just had a wonderful suggestion, make them into gift tags, Thanks Claire you always have such great ideas!!! Cyndi


  1. Ooooo..I totally love hexies!!! I'll be following~along for the fun! ( of course, I'll be making them too!)

  2. These are so cute!!! I am a messy quilter.

  3. Great idea since I would NEVER do a quilt out of these scary looking things. Wouldn't they look great as part of the wrapping for xmas presents?

  4. Just to clarify, these hexagons are very cute, but HExagons in general scare me! And I would never make enough to do an entire quilt!

  5. Darling ornaments!! Yes, I make as big but really a much bigger mess than you when I begin creating. Has something to do with the creative process I guess...

  6. Your hexies are very nice. Not sure I could master these.

  7. Thanks for this adorable ornament pattern! I'll have to make some of these for on my tree and some for gifts! :0)

  8. Gorgeous, Cyndi! I love the buttons that make up the snowmen - genius!! :-)

    Hugs! Vikki xx
    ps. thank you for the pattern darling! x

  9. Cyndi, I want to make some of the ornament hexies but when I looked at the pdf file I did not see what size to cut them or how to assemble. Is there a tutorial somewhere? I would love to make these.

  10. Thank you so much for these darling little snowmen ornaments! So sweet!


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