Monday, August 2, 2010

BIG TOP request

For years I have had requests to make odd things for people, covered lampshades, applique an afghan hound on a sweat shirt and matching pants.........Here is another, one of daughter #3's friends asked me to make a quilt top (another friend quilting it) for her sister's wedding made from the bags that come with Crown Royal (some sort of expensive alcoholic beverage, I can't even tell you what kind, if it doesn't say pepsi or milk, I pass it by). My first thought was OMG aren't those made out of cheap fake "velvet".............and maybe at one time they were??  I stopped at the mini mart across the street to get gas, and while I was there, looked at what the bags were like. (This was an email request and I had not seen the bags she wants me to work with).  They are purple flannel with a gold thread, and not very big either.  I'd say a 4" maybe 4.5" square is about as big a square as you would get.  She already has lots of bags and a pattern already picked out...........HAS ANYONE MADE ONE OF THESE???  and would you want to offer me any advice before I start cutting??? are they ravelly? Just so you know I am not a prewasher..........but they are do they have to be prewashed?? I did "google" images of crown royal quilts.............evidently this is not a new thing and people have been making them for several years.   The pattern she picked out is not the easiset, nor is it the hardest, but it is a challenging one.  Just wondered what any of you thought............should I run for the hills and quilt answering emails or is this just one of those "grin and bear it, it won't hurt that much, and don't tell anyone I made it" type favors?? I need to recoup aggravation (super fussy cutting) fees more so than sewing fees on this one!  And just to make things more fun..........I'm pretty sure she wants it king size (yikes!) and needs the top done by mid October. 
I will be busy canning tomatoes, pickles, peppers and salsa at daughters for the next few days. Let me know if you have any advice, silly things, or comments to share.   I always need a giggle or two!

 And if you need a giggle or two, go visit AMI SIMMS (click her name for link)

she has a "yo-yo sisterhood of the traveling underpants" thing going on  and world's worst quilt contest.......and in general is just a pretty, funny, quilty person.  enjoy!


  1. OMG< I just did a quick Google search and there seems to be hundreds of images out there for you!

  2. Oh Cyndi - we are so much alike. I wouldn't have been able to say "no" either, even if I didn't want to do it! And just for the record, I can't even imagine anyone wanting a king-sized "Crown Royal" quilt for their bed. :o|

    Good luck, my friend!




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